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Teamsters Organize Over 70 Percent of Boston Garages


The Teamsters have organized parking workers in Boston by the hundreds over the past five years. Union workers are now employed at over 70 percent of the city garages.

This announcement marks a major milestone for the Teamsters, as the Teamsters can now count over 100 garages where they represent members. Workers at companies like Standard Parking, LAZ Parking and Central Parking have all seen major increases in wages, benefits and job security.

“It’s amazing to see the progress we’ve made over the past few years,” said Sean O’Brien, International Vice President and President of Boston’s Local 25. “We know that this is an industry where people could benefit from union representation. These jobs cannot be outsourced. There has been a considerable, focused effort from business agents, organizers and activists to make Boston garages union and it has paid off big time. The progress our members have made in wages and benefits has been remarkable. Likewise, we’ve taken effective job actions at employers who weren’t treating their workers with the dignity and respect they deserve.”

“The union has made an amazing difference at my worksite,” said Fauz Abdi, an attendant at LAZ Parking. “Before we organized, conditions were much worse. Our wages had us barely getting by and we had no benefits. After we voted to join the union, we got a contract that significantly improved our livelihoods and gave us on-the-job protections. Now we’ve got Teamster brothers and sisters all over the city. It’s driven up standards for parking workers in the entire region.”