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Teamster Women in History: Robbie Jubiter


In honor of Women’s History Month, we celebrate Teamster women in history. 

Pictured is Robbie Jubiter (1921-1985) from Jackson. Miss.

Jubiter, a negotiations team leader, singer and community activist, began with the Teamsters as a shop steward at Montgomery Ward. Born in Mississippi, she started at Ward in 1946 after moving to Chicago. She was one of the first to sign a membership card when Local 743 began organizing there in May 1953, and became a leader in the effort.

In September 1955, she was featured in a six-page spread in the Teamster magazine highlighting her energy and skills as a steward. A staunch union member, Jubiter gained the respect and trust of union leaders and management alike.

Stay tuned to www.teamster.org for more strong Teamster women to be honored throughout the month.