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Illinois Teamsters Honor Workers on May Day


(PARK RIDGE, Ill.)—The May Day event scheduled for May 1 in Chicago is supposed to be a celebration of International Workers’ Day, a day to empower the middle class to stand up for all workers’ rights. However, we have learned this is not the only message that is being communicated to the labor community.

In a flier being distributed under the guise of a day about worker’s rights, there is a direct attack on a segment of the workforce, the law enforcement community. The statement acknowledges these are union brothers and sisters and then goes on to attack their contracts by saying “[i]f the people who run this city and the people who are running the federal government think they can move all our tax dollars away from jobs, schools and health and into police contracts to patrol us, they are making a big mistake.” 

Teamsters Local 700 is very proud to represent law enforcement members, along with our affiliated Teamster brothers and sisters throughout the State of Illinois and Northwest Indiana. These outstanding and hardworking members confront challenges every day, working in extremely difficult conditions and facing criticism from the public, all while putting their safety and lives on the line to protect us. The Teamsters will continue to fight for respect and fair treatment of these workers just like we fight for respect and fair treatment of all other workers. 

We want to thank President John Coli and Joint Council 25 for stepping up and standing with our law enforcement members by refocusing May Day on a day to support ALL workers, including law enforcement. We ask our affiliated union brothers and sisters to join us and Joint Council 25 in supporting all workers on May Day and condemning the behavior of those trying to use May Day as an opportunity to attack a segment of the workforce.

Teamsters Local 700 represents more than 5,000 law enforcement officers across Illinois.