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Teamsters Prepare To Battle UPS, Truck Industry Lobbyists On Safety Issues


The Teamsters Union is keeping a close eye on a coalition of companies that includes UPS which is gearing up to push new increases in truck size and weight limits in Congress.

Americans for Modern Transportation – which also includes Amazon and FedEx – has hired Randy Mullett to lobby Congress on “truck safety technology, truck vehicle configuration and alternative fuels.” Mullett previously worked as a lobbyist for XPO Logistics, which has been a strong proponent of job-killing automation.

Working in conjunction with UPS, Americans for Modern Transportation wants to make our roads less safe by mandating that twin 33s be the standard size of double trailers nationwide. The Teamsters and our allies have fought and stopped them time after time because we know these bigger trucks will only decrease safety and put more drivers at risk

There are already some indications of a new push to increase truck weight limits to 91,000 pounds this spring in the House Appropriations Committee.  It’s unclear which truck safety technology UPS and other companies will be pursuing through this coalition.

“We are very closely watching to see what industry lobbyists are pursing on this issue so we’ll be ready to effectively respond in the best interests of our members at UPS Freight and other employers,” said Teamsters Legislative Representative Sam Loesche.