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Teamsters Remind All Americans That ‘We Are One Big Union’


(POMONA, Calif.) — A newly launched Internet campaign aimed at reminding Americans that “We Are One Big Union” was recently launched. The newly launched Facebook page and website are asking people to take a pledge to protect American workers:

“[I] stand with the working families of the United States of America and oppose any attempts to weaken our lawful right to organize or advocate for the rights of workers. As such, [I] oppose any attempts to advance so-called ‘right to work’ legislation in Congress or otherwise.”

So-called “right to work” legislation has recently been introduced in Congress. This legislative scheme, though recently defeated in New Hampshire, has been enacted in 28 states around the country. “Right to work” or “RTW” seeks to hamstring union organizing and representation and has been shown to reduce wages and increase workplace casualties in the states that have enacted it.

“We are excited at the response to our online campaign. I would tell the supporters of this dangerous legislative scheme that we are building an army of both union members and non-members alike.  We stand united in our defense of working families and we will stand together to protect the rights that keep all workers safe on the job,” said Randy Cammack, President of Teamsters Joint Council 42, which represents nearly a quarter of a million active and retired Teamsters.

The new website and Facebook page harken back to the early days of organizing in America and encourage people to remember why it’s so important to keep organized labor at the table. 

“Organized labor was the catalyst of change for all workers in this country. This country was founded on the premise of slavery, indentured servitude, child labor and deadly labor practices all in the name of profit. What changed all this? The right and ability to organize. And we will fight to protect that right for all Americans,” Cammack said.

The website can be found at and on Facebook at Teamsters Joint Council 42 and We Are One Big Union plan further online and IRL activities in the near future.