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Dr. Pepper Snapple Teamsters in San Diego Ratify 5-Year Contract


After turning down sub-standard offers and showing their unity by honoring Teamsters Local 848’s extended picket line, Teamsters Local 683 members ratified a contract with Dr. Pepper Snapple Group that includes improvements in wages, pension contributions, healthcare coverage and seniority protections.

“This is the best contract we’ve ever gotten at Dr. Pepper Snapple,” said Frank Sevilla, a business agent who led negotiations for Teamsters Local 683. “That’s why the members approved it so overwhelmingly.”

With their new contract, all members will see $0.25 per hour more going into their pension over the lifetime of the agreement, as well as additional money for health care. Members will see as much as $3.40 per hour more in wages over the next five years and as much as a $1.00 per hour increase in the first year of the contract.

“The unity we’re showing as Teamsters throughout California is sending a strong message to this company,” said Todd Mendez, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 683 in San Diego. “We have language in our contract that allows us to honor picket lines, so we’ll continue to support the fights of our brothers and sisters in other areas if the company keeps infringing on their rights.”

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Contracts remain open in Vernon for Teamsters Local 848 Account Managers, in Sacramento for Teamsters Local 150, and in Riverside for Teamsters Local 63, 542 and 495. The master contract covering Los Angeles and Orange Counties expires in September.