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NLRB Schedules Multi-Day Hearing on Labor Violation Allegations at Palmer Food Services


(ROCHESTER, N.Y.) – The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ordered Palmer Food Services to attend a multi-day hearing to answer for numerous alleged unfair labor charges against the employer starting on October 16, 2017 in Buffalo.

Despite attempts by the company to delay the process, NLRB Regional Director Paul A. Murphy wrote in an Order Denying Request to Postpone Hearing issued on August 24, 2017 that “… the alleged unfair labor practices are serious and warrant expeditious treatment”.

The Teamsters earlier this year filed unfair labor practice charges against Palmer for what the union asserts is an illegal, coordinated an attack on worker rights against the drivers and warehouse employees of the company.

Once the NLRB began investigating, it discovered evidence to support multiple charges including illegal termination of at least one employee, intimidation and coercion of employees asserting their rights, and the bribing of employees with monetary gains to induce them to turn against the union. Palmer’s managers will have to appear and testify at the hearing to explain how their actions were legal.

Teamsters Local 118 has been representing drivers at the company since 2007. Since becoming Teamsters, the drivers have made significant economic gains with respect to wages, benefits and job security. With interest growing among the warehouse group over the past couple of years, the union gained support to expand the unit. The union believes that by the employer’s actions in the charged allegations, when Palmer’s learned of the union’s success and the potential for a growing unionized unit, the company began an illegal anti-worker/anti-union campaign with the goal of unlawfully hurting employees and removing the union.    

The Union believes that Palmer’s exhibits an egregious disregard for the law and complete disrespect for its employees’ rights making unionizing an impossible task,” says Paul Markwitz, President of Teamsters Local 118. “It is sad that instead of working with the union to make Palmer’s a better place, Palmer’s try to intimidate its employees and apparently break the law.”

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