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UPS Proposal Screening Committee Conducts First Meeting


On Monday, September 25, the UPS National Negotiating Committee (NNC) met in the Washington, D.C. area, to go through contract proposals received from UPS members. The proposals received at the Package Division throughout July and August surpassed the numbers that anyone could recall. The NNC members went through the proposals.

The consensus was that, while the UPS contract is far and away the best labor agreement in the country, there are plenty of issues and concerns that must be addressed. Pension plan and health and welfare issues in many areas, part-time start rates, ongoing harassment, excessive hours throughout the year, increasing size and weight of the average shipment and subcontracting of feeder work were among the many issues addressed in the proposals.

The NNC was tasked with coming up with a set of comprehensive proposals to prepare for the start-up of negotiations.

Supplemental negotiations have been given the green light to begin in October, and the Two-Person Meeting will be held on October 17. The National Master negotiations are expected to begin in January.

The UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee also met this week and details about the meeting will be available later this week.