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Hurricane Maria’s Aftermath: Saturday, October 7


The Teamster Disaster Relief volunteers have been on the ground since Wednesday working diligently to restore some semblance of stability in Puerto Rico as it still reels from the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

“Teamsters hit the ground running; we’ve got several trucks now and we’re getting much more soon,” said Roy Gillespie, Teamsters Joint Council 13 Human Rights Coordinator. “We’ve started doing pick-ups and deliveries for the Red Cross. Starting tomorrow we’re going to get out to the more outlying communities, and we’re working with DHL on securing a warehouse that we can use as a distribution center for our supplies. It’s been tough connecting with some of the more remote areas, but we’ve been driving cars and vans out there to help them.”

Teamsters Local 210 Business Agent Lydia Torres is on the ground with Gillespie coordinating the relief effort.

“Yesterday we went out to Rio Grande, and we were able to transport 25 workers, including a number of doctors and nurses to help out over there, which is great because they are desperately needed” said Torres. “Right now, we’re just trying to figure out what people have and what they need so we can get it to them as soon as possible.”

More than 3 million people have been affected by Hurricane Maria, and 95% of the island is without electricity. Donate to Teamsters Disaster Relief to assist people in Puerto Rico who are desperately in need of our help!