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Construction Fall Training Season Reaps Rewards


Potential pipeline and general construction workers in the Pennsylvania area took advantage of training over the past couple months which resulted in many of them starting work on construction projects.

“Our Pipeline Training Fund sent staff members to a job fair in Harrisburg, Penn., which resulted in the training of 200 members and potential members,” said Michael Laborde, Teamsters Pipeline Training Fund.  “We also had instructors in the Reading, Penn., area to train on a Marooka as well as forklift, crew bus and two-ton training.”

“Making sure our members have the best and most comprehensive set of skills is our priority,” said Bubba Davis, Director of the Teamsters Building Material and Construction Trade Division. “The trainings held recently in Pennsylvania were part of our Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund and we have trainings throughout the year at various locations.  Anyone interested in becoming a Teamster member and being trained in construction industry skills should contact their nearest Teamsters Local Union.  For trainings specific to the pipeline construction industry, please see the Training Fund’s website for more information.”

A link to locate the nearest Teamsters Local Union can be found here: https://teamster.org/locals

A link to the Teamsters National Pipeline Training Fund can be found here: http://teamsterspipeline.com/views/tf_training-info.cfm