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Saginaw Social Service Workers Vote For Teamster Representation


Recently, social service coordinators, case managers and counselor-aides at Bannum Place in Saginaw, Mich., voted for Teamster representation by Local 406. Bannum Place is a community home for people coming out of the federal prison system. The workers there assist with finding employment for the residents as well as monitoring them as they re-adjust to life outside of prison.

“Our union prides itself on the diversity of the jobs we represent, and having the social service workers from Bannum Place as part of our Teamster family is a welcome addition,” said Greg Nowak, president of Teamsters Joint Council 43 in Detroit. “The employer put up a fight, hiring union busters and more – but this unit held strong.”

Bannum Place workers, many of whom hold advanced degrees, reached out to the union as they wanted the improved wages, insurance and other benefits which are often standards in Teamster-negotiated collective bargaining agreements.

“Our next step is to begin working on negotiating a first contract,” said Grant Hemenway, a business agent with the local union.

Teamsters Joint Council 43 represents 45,000 Teamster members throughout the state of Michigan.