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University Of Minnesota Teamsters Vote To Accept Offer


Workers at the University of Minnesota represented by Local 320 have voted to accept the university’s final contract offer.  Service workers throughout the university are represented by the Teamsters in a wide variety of positions, including landcare workers, lab animal attendants, custodians, HVAC mechanics, cooks, and sanitation workers.

Some provisions of the new agreement include:  Over 150 employees will now make $15.00 per hour, setting a wage floor for all future Teamster employees and all University Teamsters within range will receive step increases in addition to a $300 lump sum each year of the proposed agreement.

Brian Aldes, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 320, said, “Though this vote today is a victory on many pressing items, issues surrounding dignity, respect and working conditions for University Teamsters remain unresolved.  Today we call on the University to address workers’ lasting issues through Meet and Confer and during future contract talks.”

To read more details on the agreement, please click here to view the local union’s press release.