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Phoenix Coca-Cola Warehouse Workers Stand With Teamsters


The over 100 warehouse workers at the Swire Coca-Cola warehouse in Phoenix continue to stand strong with Teamsters Local 104.  First contacting the local in September, 2016, the workers have been working closely with the union to reach a first contract with Swire Coca Cola.  As of today, they have reached tentative agreement on 35 articles, with just a few more to go.

“It’s a true David and Goliath story,” said Karla Schumann, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 104. “The company spared no expense to bring in highly-paid outside help to stop the employees from obtaining Teamster representation, but Goliath had no idea who he picked a fight with.”

In the next few months, negotiations should be complete and plan to offer a fair contract with increased job security, as well as a safer place to work.