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Working People’s Day of Action


Over the weekend workers joined together in over 30 cities across the nation for the Working People’s Day of Action to stand up to corporate greed and fight for the working people. In Memphis, TN Lakeisha Nelson an XPO Logistics Warehouse worker shared her personal experience and experience of others, of the mistreatment and harassment workers endure on a daily basis working for XPO.

“My coworkers and I are subjected to unsafe working conditions and many have dealt with sexual harassment on the job. We have no air conditioning or heat, so in the winter it’s too cold and we’re not allowed to wear coats, and in the summer it’s blistering hot. Many people have passed out on the job, including me. And this isn’t just happening here in Memphis. Just a few days ago XPO unjustly fired two drivers – one who is a personal friend of mine – in Aurora, IL for participating in a union march. Jose Ramirez and my friend Ryan Janota did not deserve this. No worker deserves to be subjected to this type of horrific treatment.”