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California Legislator Seeks To End Exploitation Of Port Truck Drivers


Sen. Ricardo Lara of California introduced legislation in Sacramento today seeking to end the exploitation of port truck drivers. Speaking before a group of supporters including representatives from the Teamsters, community and environmental groups, Lara outlined the various parts of the proposal that could affect the 25,000 people employed in the port truck driving industry in the state.

“Port truckers are some of California’s most exploited workers, delivering for the nation’s top brands but trapped in a cycle they can never escape of poverty wages and dangerously long hours,” said Senator Ricardo Lara. “Senate Bill 1402 asks retailers to use their market power to end the wage theft and abuse of port truckers so they can benefit from the global economy that their labor makes possible. Port truckers deserve dignity in the driver’s seat.”

Senator Lara represents the Port of Long Beach, which with its neighbor Port of Los Angeles is the nation’s largest megaport and handles one-quarter of the nation’s cargo container traffic.

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