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Teamsters with USF Holland in Wisconsin Ratify First Contract


(MILWAUKEE) – Clerical workers at USF Holland in Milwaukee, Wisc., have ratified a first contract that provides improved wages, health insurance and retirement security.

The 11 workers ratified the contract on July 14. The workers became Teamsters through the card-check process.

“I’m so happy with the outcome of negotiations and the ratification of our first contract,” said Kristine Lynch, a USF Holland employee who served on the negotiating committee.

“The fortitude of these women helped to secure them gains in wages, health insurance and retirement security, some of which will for certain change the lives of these new members,” said Tom Millonzi, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 200. “Thank you to National Freight Director Ernie Soehl for his assistance with this contract victory.”

Jared Wolski, a driver and steward at USF Holland, was instrumental with the organizing campaign. He helped organize the new unit of clerical workers and was hired as an organizer at Local 200, where he kept in contact with the group and saw the contract campaign to its end.

“Thank you to Local 200 Business Agents Jim Seelow and Jeff Bandur and Secretary-Treasurer Millonzi for all they did to help us become Teamsters,” Lynch said.