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XPO Delegation Marches on the Boss


Over 120 Drivers from XPO Commerce, San Diego and Rancho Dominguez, California, banded together and signed a petition asking for cleaner bathrooms, improved communication and prioritization of current XPO Drivers, recently. The petition was delivered by members of the XPO Logistics Port and Rail Drivers Organizing Committee to Jeff Freeman, General Manager at XPO San Diego and Jeff Trauner, Director of XPO Drayage Operations in the Los Angeles area.  

Personnel at these 3 locations continue to seek corrective action from management in response to their concerns; Freeman and Trauner have expressed to their employees that they have been heard, but the drivers have seen nothing in return.

This delegation has continued to question management as to why their routes and work have continually been awarded to non-XPO drivers, despite comments from management that the company sees a higher return when loads are given to XPO drivers as opposed to outside carriers. The employees in question wish to see an improvement in communication between themselves and dispatch. Despite continuing to use the proper channels, the workers have seen no such improvement.

Ricardo Hidalgo, an organizer with the Teamsters, said, “These XPO employees have been mistreated long enough. They deserve to get paid for all the work they do and on time. The company makes billions while the workers that make them all the profits don’t even have suitable restrooms. We are extremely proud of the determination of these drivers and will stand behind them until they receive the respect they deserve.”

These 120 drivers are committed to making change at XPO and they will continue to seek recognition and action on their concerns to ensure that they can continue to provide from themselves, their families and for XPO.  

“We’re demanding that XPO give us the respect us drivers deserve, if the company grows it’s because of us,” said Alberto Rivera, XPO Driver in San Diego. “If the company grows it’s because of us. XPO is giving our work away to outsiders instead of us. We’re here seven days a week, we sacrifice time with our families and XPO passes us up. We want priority and respect.”