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Hoffa: Mo. Voters Side With Unions Against Corporate Effort to Impoverish Workers


(WASHINGTON) – The following is a statement from Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa about Missouri voters defeating Proposition A on the statewide ballot yesterday, which ensures workers will be able to continue to come together to negotiate contracts that pay more, bring better benefits and protect their safety on the job. 

“The people of Missouri on Tuesday showed big business and its legislative cronies that they won’t be forced to endure a policy pushed by corporate interests that would result in greater company profits but fewer dollars in the pockets of hardworking people in the Show Me state.

“For years, Democrats and Republicans joined together in the Legislature to hold off the passage of so-called right to work in Jefferson City. So even after the GOP-controlled state government jammed RTW through last year, the Teamsters were confident such a stance was not the will of hardworking Missourians.

“Yesterday’s vote proves it, as less than a third of voters supported the anti-worker policy. That is a resounding defeat, and one that big business should take heed of as it continues its efforts to tamp down on collective bargaining elsewhere. Workers are getting wise to the efforts of big business to continue to line their own pockets at the expense of their employees. We cannot allow the powerful to force its own will on the public.”

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