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Teamsters Local 984 Hosts Back to School BBQ


On Saturday, July 28 Teamsters Local 984 hosted a back-to-school BBQ for its drivers and monitors at Durham School Services in Memphis, Tennessee. Over 50 member of Local 984 attended the event.

“The event is a good opportunity for drivers and monitors to get ready for the school year, build relationships with their coworkers, learn more about the union and have fun with one another,” said Local 984 Business Agent Corry Hayes. 

Wanda Albertson is a driver with 25 years of service. In addition to being a steward, she is President of the Local 984 Women’s Caucus. Albertson noted that the BBQ was a great opportunity to demonstrate Teamster unity and educate drivers about what it means to be in the union.

“We have to give back to one another; let each other know together we stand and divided we fall,” Albertson said. “We’re going in strong for 2018-19 school year and starting it off on the right foot, with a positive mind and positive attitude. It also gives drivers and monitors chance to ask business agents, elected officers and stewards questions they might have. Anything we can do to support one another.”

Denise Tinsdall is also a driver for Durham School Services. She’s been a Teamster for 25 years, and most recently she became a steward at her yard.

“This event is a good opportunity for people to build relationships with one another and foster a sense of camaraderie,” Tinsdall said. “We have fun – not just with this; the Teamsters do a lot. The local has Christmas parties, they give out scholarships for kids. They’re very helpful and they’re always involved in the community.”