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Seattle EMTs Fight for Fairness


Emergency Medical Technicians at AMR in Seattle continued contract negotiations with the company this week as their contract with the city came to an end. The EMTs, members of Local 763, are seeking wages commensurate to their counterparts working at AMR in other areas of the country.

“The Seattle area has one of the highest costs-of-living in the country,” said Liz Brown, a Local 763 Business Agent representing the group. “We are simply seeking fair compensation for the life-saving services our members provide for the community.”

The Seattle City Council passed a resolution in support of the workers that implored the company to provide, “a prevailing wage and benefits comparable to other emergency workers employed in comparable cities and similar sectors in the City of Seattle.” Workers at AMR in Seattle have a starting wage that is 28% less than coworkers in lower cost-of-living cities in Northern California and 34% less than EMTs employed by the federal Veterans Administration in Seattle.