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UNITE HERE! Announces Nationwide Rally for Justice at Marriott


On Saturday, October 20, thousands of hotel workers who are members of UNITE HERE! will be holding rallies across the country in support of striking Marriott hotel workers.  The following message is from UNITE HERE!:

Almost 8,000 union hotel workers are on strike right now, taking on one of the most powerful companies on the planet. Marriott is the biggest and richest hotel company on Earth—and from cleaning hotel rooms to serving banquets, UNITE HERE members provide the service that enables Marriott’s success.

Yet many Marriott workers have to juggle multiple jobs just to make ends meet. That’s why thousands of UNITE HERE members have come to bargaining with Marriott this year under a simple slogan: One job should be enough.

One job should be enough to live in the cities where we work, raise our families, and retire with dignity. And October 20, we’re uniting thousands of union workers across the country to tell the whole world that one job should be enough. Click here to join us. https://onejob.org/oct20/?utm_source=team&utm_medium=em&utm_campaign=oct20

The labor movement has been fighting for one job to be enough for a long time. This Marriott strike by our union sisters and brothers is a moment to be proud of what we working people can and have accomplished when we take on the boss. Click here to step up and stand together with labor on October 20. https://onejob.org/oct20/?utm_source=team&utm_medium=em&utm_campaign=oct20

P.S.: If you can’t get to an action on October 20, show you support for Marriott strikers by signing their One Job pledge: https://www.marriotttravelalert.org/sign-the-pledge/sign-as-an-individual?source=teamsters