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BLET Establishes New Short Line Rail Department


Following through on actions taken by delegates to the BLET’s Fourth National Convention in 2018, BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce has authorized the creation of a Short Line Department at the National Division level.

The new BLET Short Line Department will expand the union’s ability to organize new members throughout the United States. Also, it will better serve current members from very small divisions who work for short line railroads by providing assistance from the National Division during contract negotiations and with other matters while also providing them with the freedom to form their own local grievance committees for contract enforcement and grievance handling at the local level.

In creating the new Short Line Department, President Pierce chartered a single Local Division — Division 16 — as the home for new and future short line members. Division 16 is structured to allow for the creation of multiple Sub-charters for each individual short line.

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