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Republic Negotiations Break Down Again


(BOSTON) – Early this morning, Teamsters Local 25 resumed negotiations with Republic Services only to have them break down again in the face of company stonewalling. After less than two hours at the table, management’s anti-union, Phoenix-based negotiator offered nothing new to the Teamsters negotiating team.

“Republic has the chance to end this strike and get back to serving the community right now.  Unfortunately it’s obvious they aren’t interested in finding a resolution,” said Sean M. O’Brien, Teamsters Local 25 President. “Every day Republic is paying thousands of dollars for scabs, private security and fines. They are letting garbage pile up everywhere. But to them it’s not just about milking every last cent out of a worker’s labor, it’s about having uncontrolled power. However, the Teamsters union will not back down.”

Teamsters Local 25 members struck Republic Services in Marshfield, Massachusetts at 1:00 a.m., Thursday, August 29. Since the strike began the 24 Teamsters Local 25 members have walked the picket lines outside Republic Services, located on Route 139 (965 Plain St.) in Marshfield. Workers are picketing 24 hours, 7 days per week and have received support from area residents, elected officials and many other unions. Teamsters Local 25 urges other union members and supporters to show solidarity by joining their hardworking union brothers and sisters on the picket line.

Early this morning, striking Marshfield Republic Services Teamsters extended their picket lines to San Jose, California. Members began picketing outside a San Jose Republic location where members of Teamsters Local 350 work.

“This is textbook corporate greed. For Republic this isn’t just about 24 drivers in Marshfield, this is about setting the stage to lower wages and benefits across the nation. If we don’t stop them now with a concerted, unified effort, Republic will expand their assault on working people,” O’Brien said. “With the continued solidarity of Teamsters and other unions across the country we will get justice.”

Teamsters Local 25 is New England’s largest Teamsters union representing more than 12,500 members.