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Workers at Intermodal Rail Company in Georgia Vote to Join Teamsters Local 728


On Thursday, August 29, by a vote of 117 to 25, workers at the intermodal rail transportation Parsec in Austell, Georgia voted to join Local 728.

The group of 170 workers is the sixth group of intermodal workers who have voted to join the Teamsters since November 2016. This latest group works at Parsec’s Austell Norfork Southern rail yard.

“The workers in Austell wanted a real union—the Teamsters,” said Randy Brown, President of Local 728 in Atlanta. “The workers want to be treated with respect, a safe workplace, job security and fair wages.”

Eugene Bullard, a driver and two-year employee at Parsec, said he and his co-workers are excited to become Teamsters.

“As Teamsters, we will have the power and resources to create positive changes at Parsec,” Bullard said. “Through the efforts of many, we here at Parsec in Austell are thrilled to be part of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.”

The five, earlier intermodal victories took place at the following locations: