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Teamsters at Giant Food Warehouse Win Raises, Benefit Increases, Job Security


(WASHINGTON) — Workers at Giant Foods’ Fresh Food facility in Jessup, Md. will receive wage increases, improved benefits and more job security, among other improvements, under a five-year contract extension negotiated between Teamsters Local 730 and the company.

The current contract was set to expire on May 15, 2022, but will now expire May 15, 2027.

“Our 350 members will receive higher wages, increased health, welfare and pension benefits, a lump sum bonus next January and more guaranteed jobs,” said Ritchie Brooks, President of Local 730 in Washington, D.C. “We also secured language stating that Giant cannot outsource work at the facility and if any robots are installed, our members will operate them.

“Giant has said it has plans for a $20 million expansion, so we expect there will be new jobs,” Brooks said. “We also received guarantees that there will be more volume at the warehouse, which means more work for our members.”

The terms of the contract extension will be effective starting September 29, and include a new starting hourly rate of $16 per hour, from the current $14 per hour, Brooks said.

“This is a big win for our warehouse members at Giant Food, which services the nation’s capital and other areas,” Brooks said. “While other workers in the grocery business are seeing their benefits being cut, our members at Giant now have a more secure future.”