Labor Board Orders New Teamsters Election at XPO in Rockaway, NJ


Once again, XPO’s law-breaking is resulting in a new election, this time in Rockaway, NJ.

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Region 22, has upheld a Hearing Officer’s recommendation that a new election be ordered.

In a decision released on Nov. 25, 2019, the NLRB agreed with the hearing officer that XPO unlawfully announced and granted wage increases to XPO Rockaway workers just two days prior to the Dec. 12, 2018 election, which impacted the election results (the workers lost the initial election 8 to 9).

The management group announcing the wage increases included Paul Frayer, XPO’s in-house union buster. Frayer is also the company’s negotiator who is at the bargaining table with the Teamster local unions and is required to bargain in good faith.

“The Employer explained that the reason the announcement had to be made December 10 was that it did not want employees to hear of the changes second hand and potentially receive misinformation. This explanation strains credulity,” wrote David E. Leach III, Regional Director of the NLRB, Region 22.

Once again, XPO workers win, the company loses. Stay tuned for information about the future election. Let’s stand with the XPO workers in Rockaway as they prepare to vote in a new election!