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Airline Division News, Week Ending January 25, 2020


UAL Maintenance Controllers Update

The UAL IBT Negotiating Committee and UAL have concluded the first of two scheduled negotiations sessions for January. With the non-economic issues cleared, the sole focus of the negotiations is the exchange of economic passes.

In a message to the membership, the negotiators reported that the Company started the session by passing their latest attempt at a comprehensive economic package. Although the Company made some improvements with regard to pay parity, the committee felt that there is clearly more work to be done.

With considerable differences between the two parties remaining, the parties searched for alternative solutions to bring the groups closer together. Executive session talks with the Mediator took place on Wednesday that paved the way for the Union’s response to the Company’s latest proposal.

Through a creative approach, the Union was able to draft an economic package that considerably lowers the total price of the contract. The Union officially pitched this idea to the Company at the table on Thursday morning. Another executive session took place Thursday afternoon with the Mediator to discuss the Company’s thoughts on the Union’s pass and what the next move will be for them.

Both parties have been satisfied with the assistance of the Mediator and are hopeful for continued progress. 

ExpressJet Negotiations Update

Negotiations resumed this week under the supervision of the National Mediation Board. 

With both the Union and the Company firmly committed to their respective positions as noted previously, the Mediator presented the parties with a “Mediator’s Supposal” that combined the positions of both parties. The parties agreed that the Supposal provided a starting point that would keep the parties at the negotiating table. 

The Company and the Union are scheduled to meet the week of March 23rd.

Teamsters, TMAP Honored for Helping Veterans and Military Families

Teamsters Airline Division representative Chris Moore, on behalf of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, has accepted the 2019 Eugene and Ruth Freedman Leadership Award from Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services.

The honor recognizes the Teamster Union’s leadership and outstanding commitment to addressing the well-being of veterans and military families.

Colonel David Sutherland (RET), Chairman of Dixon Center said, “President James Hoffa and the Teamsters Military Assistance Program (TMAP) have influenced labor unions and their contracted employers across the country on how to utilize internal resources to assist veterans and military families in a positive way. They have created a unique pathway for veterans and active military service members to participate in life-changing career pathways. Dixon Center proudly recognizes them for their ongoing efforts and leadership. The continued efforts are life-changing for our service members as they transition from military to civilian culture.”

Accepting the award (L to R): Colonel Duncan Milne (Dixon Center); Chris Moore (International Brotherhood of Teamsters); Colonel David Sutherland (Dixon Center); Rick Freedman (Freedman Foundation).

Airline Industry News

Governmental and Regulatory

Following the identified outbreak of the new coronavirus in the Chinese city Wuhan, government authorities yesterday ordered the cancellation of all transportation out of the virus’ epicenter. The Civil Aviation Administration of China(CAAC) also issued a notice to carriers directing them to cancel flights leaving the airport and reduce flights into it, resulting in “zero departure” of flights out of Wuhan International Airport (WUH).

(Source: Air Cargo World)

Iran’s acknowledgment that it shot down PS752 removes that doubt and painfully validates our 5.5 years of work on airspace risk awareness, but it also makes clear that this work was not enough to prevent a repeat tragedy. It is now evident that governments must play a more active role in preventing airlines from flying in conflict zones.

The Department of Transportation announced a proposed rule defining service animals as trained service dogs to assist individuals with disabilities. The rule would ban emotional support animals in airplane cabins. “The proposed rule will go a long way in ensuring a safer and healthier experience for everyone,” A4A President and CEO Nicholas Calio said.

Airlines, Industry and Labor

Having drawn the attention of all the transport and logistics specialists – and a slew of other less knowledgeable individuals many agree the end of the road is nearing for FedEx –as an independent company.

John Dietrich has succeeded William Flynn as chief executive of Atlas Air Worldwide. His predecessor, Flynn, will transition to chairman of the board. Meanwhile, Robert Agnew has become the board’s lead independent director. The company said the leadership moves are the “culmination of a comprehensive succession process led by the board to ensure strong leadership continuity as the company continues to advance its strategic growth agenda.” Dietrich previously served as executive vice president and COO at Atlas. He holds over 30 years of experience in aviation, and more than 20 years with Atlas Air.