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A Message from the Industrial Trades Division


COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic and federal, state and local governments are trying to slow the spread. Some measures—such as limiting crowds, scaled-back travel, closed schools, events and venues—have caused economic uncertainty for Teamster members. 

The Industrial Trades Division has been working with local unions and employers to make sure that our members are protected during this national emergency.

There has been significant disruption in the car rental industry with most Teamster employers:

The parking industry has also taken a direct hit. The Industrial Trades Division and locals are taking action to help Teamsters stay covered with medical insurance during furloughs.

We have asked the Legislative Department to lobby Congress on behalf of the car rental and parking industries to help save these jobs.

The truck leasing industry, including employers Ryder and Penske, is still going with little to no layoffs nationwide.

Disney resorts employing Teamsters in California and Florida have closed down through the end of March, but the company announced they would pay every employee’s salary this month. On April 1, they are scheduled to make an announcement about what they will do from there. We will keep you updated.

The Industrial Trades Division is working closely with the Teamsters Safety and Health Department to make sure employers are adhering to CDC-required practices. We are listening to and addressing any issues that arise in the workplace on the local level, including bargaining over the effects of COVID-19 to protect wages, benefits and working conditions.

Representation still comes first for the Teamsters Union, and no matter what happens, we are here for our members.