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A Message to Public Services Teamsters from Division Director Rabinowitz


A Message to Public Services Teamsters from Division Director Jason Rabinowitz

In the face of our nation’s unprecedented health crisis, the 200,000 Teamsters Public Service Workers – first responders, corrections officers, skilled trades, service workers, administrative support workers and more – are on the front lines, working tirelessly to keep America safe and running. Our Teamster Public Services Division, together with our local unions, are working around the clock to protect our members’ health, safety and livelihoods. During these difficult times, I have never been prouder of the Teamsters Union and our Division. 

Throughout the country, the Teamsters Union is working to ensure that working people are safe and protected on the job. Our Division is working with the IBT Safety and Health Department to make sure all necessary safety measures are being met, including proper PPE, social distancing, telework opportunities and appropriate workplace cleaning.

Our union is making sure that our members’ contractual rights are protected during this crisis, including emergency and hazard pay. Most urgently, we are fighting to prevent layoffs or any loss of pay for our public service members, as much as possible, during this crisis. 

We also continue to build the strength of our union, and our member power, by continuing to sign up every new hire to Teamster membership and to organize new workers into the Teamsters.

We are flexing our political muscles on the local, state and federal level to protect our hard-won contracts and our workers’ rights, and to win protections such as paid sick leave for workers affected by the COVID-19 virus. 

During these challenging times, Teamster Public Service workers are essential to this country and our communities. Whether it’s in public safety; education; federal, state, or local service, the important work our Teamster sisters and brothers perform each and every day is crucial to our nation’s future. During this national health crisis, Teamster public service workers protect the public and keep our communities safe, and, standing together in our union, we fight to keep our members safe and protected.