Counting Every Vote is Essential to Ensuring Democracy

2020 Presidential Forum , Cedar Rapids, Iowa, December 7, 2019

This country’s extended Election Day – now more of an Election Week – has admittedly left many on edge. All of this, however, was foreseeable and even predicted by election officials weeks ago in the states where the results are still being tallied.

Waiting is hard, but democracy demands it. Local election authorities are counting every vote as they should all across America because the voices of all of the people must be heard up and down the ballot. An accurate count is necessary to ensure that Americans can trust the process and move forward with confidence that the results reflect the will of the people.

“It is essential that every voter is heard in this campaign, and that is being done,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said. “Democracy can be messy, and this country has definitely experienced some of that during this election year. But the will of the people must be respected.”

Politicians are entitled to their opinions, but they have had their say. Tens of millions of voters in the weeks leading up to and including Tuesday voted by mail, in-person absentee and on Election Day to give their take on the nation’s future. And in the end, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to win because they received the most votes.

The Teamsters look forward to the vote-counting process being completed by those charged under the law with doing so, and then having the people proceed together – no matter what their political affiliation – in tackling the needs of hardworking Americans, like securing pensions, giving workers a greater voice on the job and enhancing workplace protections in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

That’s how we will get this nation back on track and build a brighter tomorrow for all.