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Eagle Express Workers Vote to Join Teamsters Local 135

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Workers Organize in Spite of COVID-19 Pandemic, Union Busting

(INDIANAPOLIS) – Drivers, mechanics, office clerical and detailers at Eagle Express in Indianapolis have voted by a 6-to-1 ratio to become members of Teamsters Local 135.

“In spite of a pandemic, in spite of everything that was thrown their way during the campaign, these workers stood up for one another by building collective power and voting to form their union with the Teamsters,” said Danny L. Barton, President of Local 135. “Eagle Express spent thousands of dollars to hire union busters who tried to convince the workers to vote no. The margin of victory in this election suggests that the company might not have gotten their money’s worth.”

Due to the pandemic, the election was conducted via mail-in ballot. Rodney Baker is one of the drivers who voted to join Local 135.

I have been driving a truck for 26 years,” said Baker. “I understand the difference we can make by coming together in a union. In a union, benefits and structure are centered around employees. You can retire with dignity. I have nine kids and 18 grandkids and I need some kind of security in my future. That’s why I voted yes.”

Teamsters Local 135 represents workers in a wide variety of industries throughout Indiana.