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Members of Teamsters Local 667 in Memphis Ratify Strong Contracts


Members of Teamsters Local 667 in Memphis at three separate employers recently ratified contracts that will improve their lives over the next several years.

Eight tankhaul drivers at Jacobus Energy in Memphis, who provide fuel to industrial customers, unanimously ratified their first contract.

The drivers voted to join Local 667 in August. They work in one of the most difficult and dangerous trucking jobs.

“This contract recognizes the hard work the drivers at Jacobus Energy do every day,” said James E. Jones III, Local 667 President. “The three-year contract includes wage increases of $2.85 over the life of the contract, an extra paid week off, an additional holiday, improved worker-protection language, seniority protection and a grievance procedure, among other improvements.”

Local 667 contacted Local 200, which represents Jacobus drivers in Wisconsin. “The Local 200 contract served as a valuable template for what we were able to achieve,” Jones said.

Meanwhile, workers at Steepleton Tire Company, recently ratified a new contract (contract renewal) that included a ratification bonus, improved time off for bereavement and union business and other improvements. There are 17 members in the bargaining unit.

And workers at Owens Corning ratified a contract that included increased wages, earlier vacation time for new employees, increased shift-differential pay, additional holidays and a four-week bereavement period if an employee’s spouse of child dies.