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AAA Northern California Workers File for Teamsters Election


More Than 460 Insurance Agents Seek Respect and a Voice on the Job

(SAN FRANCISCO) – AAA insurance retail sales agents across Northern California filed for an election on Tuesday with the NLRB to be able to vote to join Teamsters Local 665.

The 460 insurance agents with AAA Northern California work at 77 locations across six regions, stretching from Merced, Calif., to the Oregon border.

The unique organizing effort is a result of workers seeking a voice and stability. As the insurance industry evolves, COVID-19 has exposed the need for security and protections for workers. AAA workers in Northern California are experts in providing customers with insurance to protect themselves and their families, but these workers feel increasingly unprotected themselves on the job and are seeking union representation to ensure their futures.

AAA Northern California workers who have been with the company for decades report feeling pushed out and fear termination over changing sales targets. Workers reference a ‘culture of fear’, say they have been disciplined for following company policy, and face intense pressure. As the workers unite to organize, company-hired union avoidance consultants are holding meetings with workers.

“We support AAA Northern California insurance agents who reached out to us for support in forming their union. They are committed, skilled agents who recognize the stability and strength that the Teamsters Union brings to the table. We are honored to work with them with the goal of improving their working conditions,” said Tony Delorio, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 665.