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Statement Of Teamsters Human Rights and Diversity Director Marcus King on the Conviction of Derek Chauvin


“The International Brotherhood of Teamsters stand with the family of George Floyd and all of those who fight for racial justice following the Derek Chauvin’s murder conviction today. Though today’s verdict is a positive step in the right direction, this is just one instance of an unwarranted police killing of an unarmed Black man in the United States, and a harsh truth that we must accept – equal justice under the law is not a reality for all Americans. 

“Black people fear for their lives on a daily basis by the very institutions which are supposed to protect them. It may not be most of our truths, but we must acknowledge and understand that this is the truth of so many Black and Brown brothers and sisters in this union and throughout our country.

“The Teamsters Union has long supported the civil rights movement and the fight to ensure the fair treatment of all. We reject social injustices such as racism, which have eroded and divided us as a country for far too long. Denying that racism still exists and continues to operate in ways which destroys lives and communities threatens our very freedom.

“We must move forward through education and communication to end the continued killing of unarmed Black men and women by law enforcement.”