CEMEX Victory in Florida

CEMEX drivers in Miami Florida with LU 769, 4/10/18 , 2018

With over 85 percent voting in favor of representation, ready-mix drivers at CEMEX of Port Charlotte, Fla. joined Local 79 in January. 

“This is the fifth batch plant that has joined us in less than a year and we are thrilled to welcome them to our family,” said Brian Rothman, President of Local 79 in Tampa. “Essential service workers throughout the Sunshine State are realizing their value and exercising their power accordingly. These workers are heroes for keeping the economy running during the awful pandemic and it’s about time that they be recognized as such.” 

The company brought in hired union busters, making the workers sit through numerous mandatory anti-union presentations (commonly known as a “captive audience” meetings). Local 79 held organizing meetings outdoors—with the drivers six feet apart to comply with COVID-19 precautions—so the workers were prepared for the company’s anti-union tactics. 

Local 79 Trustee, Business Agent and Director of Organizing John Sholtes said CEMEX’s dirty tricks did little to deter the workers from voting against the union when they got their ballots in the mail. 

“These overpaid outside ‘labor consultants’ can say whatever they want, but these drivers know that in Miami, Chicago, Seattle, New York City, Oakland and every other city where CEMEX workers have a Teamster contract, things are better than they are at their batch plants,” Sholtes said. “Look at the contracts. The company can’t contradict something that it already agreed to in writing.” 

Carlos Peregrine is a ready-mix driver at one of the Naples batch plants that recently joined Local 79. 

He was called as a witness at NLRB hearings to help certify the union at his plant after the company filed objections to the election. 

“All of CEMEX’s stalling and intimidation tactics have only made us more determined and stronger as a union!” Peregrine said. 

“Ready-mix drivers throughout the country know that the only way to ensure that the skilled workers in this craft received the wages and benefits they deserve is through a Teamster contract. To all of the CEMEX drivers who don’t have a union yet, come join us!” said Bubba Davis, Director of the Teamsters Building Material and Construction Trade Division. 

CEMEX workers throughout North America are organizing with the Teamsters. To learn more, go to or find us on Facebook and YouTube @readymixteamster.