Teamsters Local 135 Meets with Labor Secretary Marty Walsh

Marty Walsh + LU 135

(INDIANAPOLIS) – on June 24, Teamsters Local 135 Business Agents Michael Winegar and Randy Black joined several other unions in a round table discussion with U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh. Secretary Walsh was promoting President Biden’s labor agenda and answering questions from the numerous unions present.

Winegar inquired with Secretary Walsh about implementation of the FAA Reauthorization bill. This bill does many things for the airline industry; among the most the most important things that it does is mandating that flight attendants receive a ten-hour rest break between duty periods. Currently, flight attendants can be scheduled for no less than eight hours of rest from report to release.

“We continue to press for the implementation of this bill to require US air carriers to provide adequate rest for flight attendants across the country,” Winegar said. “The Teamsters are proud to represent the flight attendants in service of Republic Airways, Inc. along with the thousands of other aviation professionals.”