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Teamsters Local 639 Prepares for Strike at Capitol Paving


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Workers Overwhelmingly Ready to Reject Company’s Last, Best and Final Offer

(WASHINGTON) –Teamsters Local 639 Drivers at Capitol Paving have voted unanimously to go on strike at the company. The workers, who are expecting to reject the company’s last, best and final offer later this week, are doing so because of the company’s attempt to cut their health care benefits in order to increase profits.

“Capitol Paving is a company that has – in addition to clients in the private sector – substantial contracts at the local, state and federal level,” said Bill Davis, Local 639 Secretary-Treasurer. “They can afford to keep their staff on their current health care plan, but they want us to switch to a plan with worse coverage in order to pad their balance sheet. As a company that is often hired at the behest of taxpayers, they have a responsibility to act as a good community partner, and that’s what we are calling on them to do by dropping this proposal.”

Unless the company changes its proposed offer, the workers will be picketing outside of the company’s facilities as early as next week.

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