Congress Must Side with Constituents, Pass Pro-Worker Policies

The Biden administration has delivered for Teamsters and U.S. workers. Whether it was salvaging endangered multiemployer pensions, providing much-needed funds to state and local governments as well as to the unemployed, or crafting new Buy American rules that will boost U.S. jobs, the White House is getting it done for all hardworking Americans.

But there are still key components of President Biden’s Build Back Better platform that are being held up by some in Congress. They would bolster the National Labor Relations Act to increase enforcement and penalty provisions to protect workers. Additionally, they would seek to restore economic fairness by expanding child care for working parents, the child tax credit, and paid family and medical leave among other things. Dollars would also be poured into creating new jobs that also preserve the environment, like increased spending for Amtrak.

All of this, however, costs money. Luckily, the White House has a plan for that as well, one that will shield all but the wealthiest of Americans from tax increases to cover these necessary programs. In fact, it will actually lower taxes for some 50 million U.S. families!

To be clear, Build Back Better won’t raise taxes on Americans earning under $400,000 and will repeal tax giveaways to the rich and corporate America approved under the last administration. These are necessary steps for President Biden to deliver tax cuts for ordinary families and make much-needed investments that will aid in economic growth.

But instead of moving on these changes, the Republican leadership in Congress is throwing up roadblocks. They seem more interested in preserving tax cuts for their corporate cronies and carrying water for pharmaceutical companies instead of helping their constituents by investing in families and workers. That’s a terrible choice that will only hurt working families, especially those who are trying to support both children and parents at home.

For years, the Teamsters have called on elected officials to give regular people a fair shake. Now those on Capitol Hill have a proposal in front of them that would do so. Not surprisingly, however, some are playing politics instead of trying to pass good policy.

Lawmakers, now is the time to join with President Biden and approve these proposals that would rebuild the middle class. American workers have waited long enough.