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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Staff to Form Party’s Largest Collective Bargaining Unit

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WASHINGTON – Today, employees at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced that they have secured majority support in their effort to organize as members of Teamsters Local 238. The DCCC Staff Union would be the largest collective bargaining unit in the Democratic Party.

Organized labor is the backbone of America and DCCC staff recognize that joining this ongoing movement offers an actionable expression of their shared values as Democrats. By unionizing, DCCC staff reaffirm their commitment to diversity, equity, and worker empowerment — essential tenets of the fight to defend and expand the House majority and to continue to work on behalf of all Americans.

The DCCC staff look forward to management upholding our party’s proud history of standing with workers by moving expeditiously to voluntarily recognize our unit and meet us at the bargaining table.

DCCC Organizing Committee:

“We are excited to form the Democratic Party’s largest collective bargaining unit. Together, we will work hand in hand with leadership to continue uplifting our community and advancing our workforce so we are best equipped to hold the House in November and fight for our values nationwide. We thank our colleagues for joining together to strengthen our party, and Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Maloney for their leadership and tireless support of the labor movement and DCCC staff. We are proud to work at the DCCC, and we are unionizing to ensure that this continues to be one of the best places to work in Democratic politics — not just for us but for future generations of staffers.”