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2022 Workers’ Memorial Day Statement from Peter Finn, Director of the Food Processing Division


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Teamster members working in the Food Processing Division ensure food is on the table in our homes by helping prepare, process and move just about every kind of food you find at the grocery store, including dairy, meats, vegetables, fruits and grains. This essential work is often done in difficult conditions, with long hours. As a Union, we fight every day to protect the fundamental right to health and safety of Teamster members at work. Unfortunately, every year members are injured, and lives are lost on the job, providing a stark reminder that our fight to protect health and safety can never stop. 

On April 28th of each year, the Teamsters Union recognizes Workers’ Memorial Day, a time of remembrance for our brothers and sisters that have lost their lives, suffered injuries, become ill, or have been disabled while at work. Today we honor the sacrifice of our fellow Teamsters and recommit to continue to fight for safe working conditions. 

Over the last two years, COVID-19 has brought challenges we have had to face for the first time, with the virus impacting family, friends, and co-workers. Throughout the pandemic, Teamsters working in the food supply chain showed up day-in and day-out to get their important work done and demonstrated the essential nature of their work. As the demands of work changed and became more dangerous, food processing and dairy members have stepped up with strength and determination, and in doing so, illustrated what it means to be a Teamster.

COVID-19 has made it clear that more than ever, we need to continue to demand and win worker safety protections. Together as Teamsters, we can make that happen.

The IBT has developed Workers’ Memorial Day activities and resources for Teamster members. For more information, go to: http://ibt.io/2022WMD