Carhaul Contract Update: April 25, 2022


Carhaul Teamsters United for a Strong Contract

The Teamsters Carhaul Division is actively working with locals and members across the country to negotiate a strong national contract in 2022. To better prepare for upcoming negotiations, the Teamsters National Automobile Transporters Industry Negotiating Committee (TNATINC) has launched a member-driven campaign that puts the priorities of rank-and-filers first.

“Carhaul Teamsters know how important it is to stay informed and united to win a strong new contract. It is crucial that members stay engaged throughout the process. Share your thoughts, learn the issues, and take an active role. We need everyone in the division to join this fight,” said Avral Thompson, International Vice President and Teamsters Carhaul Division Director.

Last week, Thompson and the TNATINC were joined by General President Sean M. O’Brien and General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman in Washington for a “two-person” meeting to go over contract proposals. O’Brien and Zuckerman spoke to the committee about the upcoming negotiations and vowed to win a contract that will restore respect and bring dignity back to the job.

“The past few years have been trying times for workers in the carhaul industry. It’s no secret that the previous administration could have done a better job involving members during negotiations,” Zuckerman said. “Our administration has vowed to keep members informed with transparency and real member outreach.”

“We have 30 days to get this done,” O’Brien said. “If we don’t have a contract by May 31, our members won’t be on the roads hauling, they’ll be on the streets striking.”

The TNATINC will meet again Wednesday for a proposal exchange in Orange Beach, Alabama, before heading into negotiations on May 4 and 5. The national master agreement expires on May 31, 2022.

“Our committee is made up local leaders and rank-and-filers from throughout the industry. They know the issues firsthand and are committed to getting a deal that addresses years of concerns,” Thompson added.

Earlier in the month, members received an online bargaining survey to provide feedback for the negotiating committee. Priority issues include reduced subcontracting, pension protection, health and welfare maintenance, pay rate increases, improved safety and job security. If you haven’t already filled out a bargaining survey, please do so by going here and submit online by Wed., April 27. It only takes a few minutes and will help the committee prioritize the issues that matter most to Teamster carhaulers.

The Teamsters Carhaul Division will continue to keep members informed in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned for more updates and visit our division page at to learn more.