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Silver Airways Pilots Ratify Pay and Retention Letter of Agreement

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(WILMINGTON, OH) – The Silver Airways pilots, represented by the Airline Professionals Association – Teamsters Local 1224 (APA 1224), today announced that they have ratified a Pay and Retention Letter of Agreement that provides for significant pay increases and retention bonuses.

Ninety-six percent of the pilots who cast ballots voted in favor of the agreement, which went into effect on June 1. 

“With our recent expansion into cargo operations and increased hiring across all segments of our industry, we recognized that significant improvements were necessary in order for Silver Airways to remain competitive in attracting and retaining pilots,” said Don Welch, APA 1224 Executive Council Chairman and Silver Airways Captain. “We worked alongside our management team at Silver Airways to implement a multi-pronged approach. Not only to attract new talent, but also to retain existing pilots through increased pay rates, a quarterly retention bonus and upgraded incentives.”

Under the newly signed agreement, first officers received a 20 percent pay raise and captain pay was increased by 28 percent, which is now at the top of the regional airline industry. In addition to bonuses already provided for under the contract, if certain conditions are met over the next five years, eligible pilots could receive added retention and upgrade bonuses of up to $80,000 or more.

While some of the bonuses will expire at the end of 2023, the increased pay rates have been incorporated into the current collective bargaining agreement, which becomes amendable in late 2025. The Silver Airways 2022 Pay and Retention Letter of Agreement can be found here.

“I congratulate Silver Airways and the pilots on the ratification of this agreement,” said Joe Muckle, APA 1224 President.  “Silver Airways has demonstrated that its pilots are critically important to the company and these pay improvements are necessary for its growing operation.”

“Silver Airways is clearly committed to its pilots and understands the benefits such an agreement can contribute to the potential for future growth,“ said Greg Unterseher, Teamsters Airline Division Deputy Director. “It is good to see a collaborative effort in negotiating and implementing changes that directly benefit both the company and its workforce.”

The Airline Professionals Association, Teamsters Local 1224 represents the flight deck crewmembers of ABX Air, Cape Air, Horizon Air, Omni Air, and Silver Airways.