Teamsters Begin Negotiations at North American Central School Bus

NAC Negotiations

This week in Joliet, Ill., the Teamsters began negotiations with North American Central School Bus. The union and the company are negotiating the next five-year term for the Illinois Cooperative Agreement.

“This contract is important because it will set the tone for what Teamsters will do in this industry for the foreseeable future,” said Matt Taibi, Passenger Transportation Division Director. “With this master agreement, we will not only create an improved baseline for local unions negotiating their own supplemental contracts, but raise and maintain standards throughout the entire industry.”

The negotiating committee made proposals regarding safety, the grievance procedure, member protections and mechanism by which recently organized locations can become party to the agreement. Economic proposals were also made, regarding guaranteed hours, retirement and health care. Representatives from Teamsters Locals 26, 50, 179, 525, 696, 745 and 777 are on the negotiating committee.

In accordance with a constitutional amendment that was ratified at the 30th International Convention last year, rank-and-file members from the company now serve on the negotiating committee.

“Our rank-and-file members are doing a great job serving on the negotiating committee,” said Taibi. “They are bringing great ideas and an incredible amount of enthusiasm to the table. Their input is incredibly valuable and this contract will be better because of it.”