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Teamsters Reject Latest Proposal from Concrete Companies


Local 174 Members Nearly Unanimously Say ‘No’ to Employer Proposal

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(TUKWILA, Wash.) A full year after the expiration of their contract, Teamsters Local 174 members have again voted overwhelmingly to reject the latest subpar offer from their concrete industry employers.

The secret-ballot 170-1 vote sends a clear message to the companies and echoes a late 2021 result, when concrete Teamsters voted 212-1 to reject an earlier substandard offer. Since then, multiple similar offers have been rejected by voice vote, ultimately leading to the group walking off the job in an unfair labor practice strike that lasted 145 days.

Teamsters returned to work in April in a gesture of good faith as contract negotiations continued with help from federal mediators. But the group of concrete employers continued to put forth their same offensive proposals, leading to today’s strong rejection by the Teamsters.

“This entire contract negotiation process has felt like the Twilight Zone in terms of how little sense the companies are making,” said CalPortland driver and bargaining committee member Brett Gallagher. “From the beginning, our demands have been clear and reasonable. There’s nothing outrageous at all, but these companies just will not listen. It blows my mind that somehow, we are painted as the villains because we want a fair deal for our families.”

“Today we told them again that their offer isn’t good enough — which they should have known after 145 days without a single Teamster mixer driver crossing the picket lines, but apparently they needed to hear that message again,” said Denny Emerson, a Cadman driver and bargaining committee member. “It feels like we’ve rejected this same offer 20 times at this point, but now the ball is back in their court and it’s time for them to make a real move in their proposal rather than continuing to move the deck chairs around on the Titanic. Make a real proposal that we can all vote for and let’s get back to the business of delivering concrete and move on with our lives.”

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