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STA School Bus Workers Join Teamsters Local 610


Drivers and Monitors Unite to Improve Working Conditions

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(FLORISSANT, Mo.) – Drivers and monitors at Student Transportation of America (STA) have voted by a two-to-one margin to join Teamsters Local 610. The 170 workers provide student transportation for the Ferguson-Florissant School District (FFSD).

“We have more than doubled the average hourly wage for school bus workers since we started organizing this industry, which is why so many of them are joining our movement,” said Jeff Hall, Local 610 President. “Congratulations to these drivers and monitors on becoming a part of our Teamster family. I’d also like to thank Teamster organizers Shelley Goodman, Maddie Ferris, Lena Billingsley and Sean O’Neill for their stewardship of this campaign.”

Local 610 already represents school bus workers in 11 school districts, including two other locations within FFSD. Paula McCulley, a 35-year school bus driver, had previously been a member of the local union at a different company. She said her experience informed her decision to take an active role and sign up her coworkers to join the Teamsters at STA Florissant.

“At my old school bus yard, seniority was respected, and I was able to make as much money as I wanted because of that,” McCulley said. “We never had problems with our paychecks, we had more paid leave for bereavement and everything operated smoothly. These issues – along with wages – are what I’m looking forward to addressing when we go to bargain for our first contract.”

Teamsters Local 610 represents thousands of workers in student transportation and other trades throughout Greater St. Louis.