Negotiations Update: Teamsters Begin Bargaining with TForce Freight for New National Agreement


Bargaining between the Teamsters and TForce Freight started this week in Arlington, Va. The Teamsters national negotiating committee presented TForce with a comprehensive non-economic proposal. The parties tentatively agreed to a few items where neither party sought changes. The parties also tentatively agreed to an improvement in the language concerning road driver lodging. 

The current contract expires on July 31. Kris Taylor of Teamsters Local 745 in Dallas has been designated as the lead for the Teamsters negotiating committee.  

“We made some minor progress and tried to pluck some of the low-hanging fruit this week,” Taylor said. “We told the company that it cannot avoid addressing our members’ concerns.”

Teamsters National Freight Director John A. Murphy opened the session before turning it over to Taylor. 

“The Teamsters TForce negotiating committee has the full support of the entire Teamsters Freight Division. I am impressed by the amount of knowledge and experience on this committee,” Murphy said. “This committee includes rank-and-file members from across the country. Their insight and experience have already proven to be very valuable.”  

The next session is scheduled for the week of April 10.