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Teamster Carhaulers in Detroit Win Wage Increases, Job Protections Under National Contract


Teamster carhaulers at Chrysler’s Jefferson Assembly Plant in Detroit are the latest to reap the benefits of the industry-leading National Master Automobile Transporters Agreement (NMATA).

By signing onto the national contract, these Teamsters Local 299 members have won meaningful wage increases and improved job protections, along with a Teamster pension and union health care coverage.

“The more Teamsters we have under this master contract, the stronger we all are. That’s why this is a big win, not only for these workers, but every Teamster carhauler. Thanks to guidance from Local 299 Business Agent Roy Gross and the leadership of Local 299 President Kevin Moore, the future looks bright,” said Terry Mahone, a 27-year Teamster carhauler.

In 2023, increasing numbers of Teamster carhaulers across the country are joining together under the national contract. The victory in Detroit follows contract wins in Shreveport, La., Kansas City, Mo., Lordstown, Ohio, and Buffalo, N.Y., where Teamster carhaulers at Priority Yard and Train recently gained coverage under the NMATA.

“Under the leadership of General President O’Brien and Secretary-Treasurer Zuckerman, we are doing everything we can to add more Teamsters to the NMATA. In doing so, we are fortifying the industry and laying the groundwork for an even stronger generation of united carhaulers,” said Teamsters Carhaul Division Director Avral Thompson.