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Dubuque Teamsters Demand County Offer Workers A Fair Contract

Dubuque municiple workers

County Proposes Stripped Deal for Municipal Workers

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(DUBUQUE, Iowa) – With a contract expiring July 1 for nearly 50 public sector workers in Dubuque County, Teamsters Local 120 has spent the last several weeks negotiating a new deal for members. In a blow to these essential workers, the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors have proposed a contract that would strip workers’ contracts down and remove critical language about seniority, vacation time, and other benefits.

“The proposal from the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors is a non-starter,” said John Klootwyk, Business Agent at Local 120. “It is shameful that a historically pro-union town like Dubuque is treating its municipal workers with such disrespect. The Teamsters remain committed to getting the absolute best contract for our members – and what the county is offering is not that.”

Additionally, the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors has hired notorious union-busting law firm, Lynch Dallas out of Linn County, to negotiate this deal.

“We are disgusted that Dubuque County is using our taxpayer dollars to pay an anti-union law firm to strip our contracts,” said Ken Thill, a 20-year veteran of the Dubuque County Roads Department and member of Local 120. “We play a key role in our community and deserve a contract that reflects our hard work. My co-workers and I are urging members of the Dubuque community to call the County Board of Supervisors and demand they offer us a fair contract. Our livelihoods and the well-being of our community depend on it.”

Mediation between Local 120 and the Dubuque County Board of Supervisors is slated to begin on May 4.

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