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Teamsters Celebrate LA PRIDE


(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) – To celebrate Pride month, the Teamsters LGBTQ+ Caucus, Teamsters Human Rights and Diversity Commission, and Teamster Locals from across Southern California, joined together to at the 51st Annual Los Angeles Pride Parade (LA Pride).

More than 200 Teamsters gathered in Hollywood to march in the parade. In 2022, Teamsters had a presence in the historic parade, but this year there was an expanded marching contingency.

“We are supporting Pride month all over Teamsterland,” said Chris Fuentes, Teamsters LGBTQ+ Caucus President and Local 399 member. “At last year’s LA Pride, General President Sean M. O’Brien said, “You are not alone. You are not cast aside. We are part of a team and that’s what we are representing here. All of you are part of this amazing team and we will always work together to better the world for all workers.”

This year, Local 399 members spent several hours designing and building the Teamster float for the parade. In a strong showing of solidarity, Teamsters from Southern California were joined by fellow Teamsters from Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, Reno as they marched and danced along the Walk of Fame.

“We are grateful for the selfless generosity of members, vendors, and donors who helped make this years’ experience more inclusive and even larger than last year,” Fuentes added.

“This will not be our last march,” said Human Rights and Diversity Commission Director, Anthony Rosa, who delivered a powerful message. “Teamsters must come out and stick together. We must have diversity, equity, and inclusion. We must touch all the states of the Teamsters to let them know that you are here. You are a person, and you matter.”

“We’re going to support no matter what,” said Lindsey Dougherty, Local 399 Principal Officer and Western Region Vice President. “Our General President Sean M. O’Brien and our General Secretary-Treasurer Fred Zuckerman, along with the entire General Executive Board are extremely supportive of the fight for equality and respect our LGBTQ+ members deserve. We must fight not just for our members, but for all working people. The only way we are going to see change is if we continue to fight. And if you are not fighting, then get out the way and let somebody else pick up where you left off.”

For more than a century, Teamsters have understood that workers are first human beings that deserve to have equal rights and protections both under a collective bargaining agreement, and throughout their community. This year however, there has been aggressive support from the International and the Human Rights and Diversity Commission to prioritize the fights for the rights of our LGBTQ+ members. Under the leadership of Director Rosa, the HRDC issued statements re-affirming Teamsters support of Pride month as well as supporting Trans Visibility Day.

For more information about the Teamsters LGBTQ+ Caucus, visit www.lgbtqteamsters.org.