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Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes: With L.A.P., Teamsters Support One Another in Their Time of Need

LAP 23-1

The National Labor Assistance Professionals (LAP) is an organization of trade unionists dedicated to aiding fellow members going through times of personal crisis. The LAP’s mission is to ensure the availability of quality and effective chemical dependency and mental health treatment services for workers and their families within the workplace.

The Teamsters recently participated in the LAP conference in a show of solidarity with all members of the labor movement no matter where they land on the spectrum of mental health.

“At the core of our union’s strength lies solidarity, and helping our fellow members in times of crisis is a powerful embodiment of that solidarity,” Tom Mari, President of Teamsters Local 25. “Union members have an intrinsic bond of trust that you don’t get anywhere else. That’s why this program is so successful.”

For union members seeking help and support, the LAP offers access to employee assistance programs (EAPs) specifically tailored to their needs, known as LAP-C (Labor Assistance Professional Certified).

Not all mental health facilities are created equally. The benefits of the LAP-C program are that it can help determine which organizations are in the best positions to help union members on their roads to stability and well-being.

LAP-C is designed to be at the ground level, providing peer-to-peer support for frontline and rank-and-file members facing issues related to mental health, stress, substance abuse, workplace violence, and other crises. The program equips union members with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist their peers effectively.

Union members can contact their local union health and welfare plan to access the LAP-C program. The LAP-C program works in partnership with unions and employers to ensure workers get the help they need during difficult times, including arranging for leave time and support.

“When we support our fellow workers, we not only strengthen our union but also create a compassionate and caring workplace,” said Thomas Vitiello, Teamsters Local 25 Employee Assistance Representative. “LAP-C is a testament to how we, as Teamsters, can make a difference in each other’s lives.”